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A World of learning possibilities, at your convenience, with the best pedagogic methods that stimulate the brain from very young age, with fun.

As a teacher you can access the buttons Teach, as a parent or student you can access the buttons Learn to have access to courses

Kids from 3 to 17 years old can build their own learning plan, with small group of interactive classes, conducted by international teachers, that teach on their mother tongue.

HiOnSkool allows to maximize the learning process because of its neuroscientific-based approach.


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As a parent you want to do better rather than entertaining them watching TV, while you cook, or even during holidays.

You want to optimize their performance, since early age.

Goodbye waiting lists, traffic jam, late inscriptions, or the usual limitations of age. 

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Popular Courses and Classes
At your convenience from your home, in small groups to optimize the learning process,  at your preferred schedule and rhythm, anywhere.

The courses can be provided in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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Regulating Strong Emotions - Mindfulness Techniques - Emotional Control

Regulating Strong Emotions - Mindfulness Techniques - Emotional Control

Critical Thinking Games - Gifted Inspired Learning, Challenges & Fun

Critical Thinking Games - Gifted Inspired Learning, Challenges & Fun

Conversational Portuguese Small Group

Conversational Portuguese Small Group

All Subjects
All subjects
Choose your high quality teaching subjects, for all ages, with international teachers that are sure that the students want to learn, augmenting the learning process efficacy and the motivation for everyone.


Acting |  Animation  |  Singing  |  Calligraphy Crafts  |  Digital Art  |  Drawing  |  Graphic Design  |  Music  |  Painting  |  Photography  |  Video | Dancing | Ballet | & Others

Circle Time

Books  |  Creative Writing  |  Grammar  |  Literature  | Reading  |  Reading Comprehension  |  Speech and Debate  | Writing | Social Culture & History | Autism Live Circle and Special Learning | Montessori | & Others


Addition and Subtraction  |  Algebra  |  Calculus  |  Counting  |  Geometry  |  Multiplication and Division  |  Statistics  |  Trigonometry | & Others

Life Skills
Coding & Tech

Computer Programming  |  ICibersecurity  |  Podcasting  |  Robotics  |  Video Games Websites | Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence | & Others


Science & Nature

Physics & Astronomy  |  Biology  |  Chemistry  |  Climate Change  |  Agrofood |  Life Sciences | Farming | Neuroscience | & Others



Spanish |  French  | Dutch |  Japanese |  Latin  |  German  |  Chinese  |  Italian  |  Portuguese  |  Mandarin |  English  | & Others


Yoga |  Meditation |  & Others

Special Therapies for Parents

Courses for Parents. Speech Therapy support for Parents, Psychology Tools for Parents, Autism Special Methods & Others.

If you require some of these mentioned therapies or others, for your kids, provided by a professional certified in the area, please contact us.

Gifted Kids Programs

Choose your favorite programs for gifted kids 

Full Curriculum Program

Choose full curriculum program to support your kid at school

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Some of Our Experienced International Teachers

Sam Rolaert

STEM: Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Programming Hands-On Course – Beginners

Sam Rolaert

Patricia Fernandes

Conversational Portuguese Small Group

Patricia Fernandes

Mouna Rixard

Ballet With a Princess!

Mouna Rixard

Start teaching with HiOnSkool

Motivated Learners,

Motivated Teachers

Your own rhythm,

pace and schedule

Income &


Goodbye Admin & Optimize the Classes PowerPoint & Materials with Us

Work with motivated kids that want to learn with you.

After a rigorous selection, teach what you love based on high quality methods, anytime.

Set your own prices. Stable income and give classes from home at your own convenience.

Focus on teaching, we perform the complementary tasks.

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